Use Amazon.com®  personalization for your WooCommerce store.


AWS for WordPress plugin features, co-authored with WP Engine - coming soon

If you’ve ever bought anything from Amazon (and who, in this day and age hasn’t), you’ve probably seen some recommended products based on your past purchases, searches, and wish list items.

So, what if you could use the same technology that Amazon uses for your own ecommerce site? Well, you'll soon be able to do just that!

In fact, Amazon Personalize helps companies like StockX increase customer engagement on their home page by
50% by implementing personalization.

Register for this webinar to learn more about Amazon Personalize for WooCommerce, a plugin co-authored by WP Engine and Amazon for WooCommerce shops. Your cart will be glad you did!

Experience level: Intermediate, Advanced

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)

In this session, we'll cover:

  • Why personalization is important
  • What is Amazon Personalize for WooCommerce? (hint: same AI used by Amazon.com, repurposed for WooCommerce users - no machine learning expertise needed!)
  • How Amazon Personalize works - demo and next steps
  • Q&A

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Our Expert Speakers


James Jory

Solutions Architect, Applied AI Amazon Web Services

James has a special interest in personalization and recommender systems and works with AWS customers and partners on integrating these solutions into their customer experiences. Prior to joining AWS, James spent nearly three decades designing, architecting, and building software systems across the e-commerce, social media analytics, social CRM, health care, and energy storage industries. He specializes in cloud-native architectures involving complex integrations and machine learning capabilities.



Igor Krtolica

Partner Solutions Architect
Amazon Web Services

Igor is a senior partner solutions architect at Amazon Web Services.  He helps Amazon Partner Network partners who have attained the Digital Customer Experience competency develop reference architectures and workshops that engage and enlighten their customers.  In his spare time, Igor likes mountain biking around the San Francisco Bay Area.



Anthony Burchell

WordPress Developer
WP Engine 

Anthony is a long-time WordPress developer based in Austin, TX working on the Labs team at WP Engine. He spends his time contributing to open source, building new and exciting things with WordPress. He is a Committer and a Component Maintainer for WordPress Core Media.

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