In marketing, we love good design. It inspires us, resonates with us. But, as a consumer, if that fabulous design results in a frustrating experience, all of that good juju is quickly lost and the user finds the item elsewhere or goes on to the next task at hand. For your business, that’s a lost opportunity. For your brand, your reputation is at risk.

OK, you say, that’s great in theory, but how do you combine beautiful design with incredible functionality to move the user through the desired experience? Sounds much easier than it actually is, right?

Hear from the design, UX and ecommerce experts at agency Digital River, who will walk you through steps you can take to optimize the flow within your website and maximize conversions, showing examples along the way. Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to improve, come learn with us!

Duration: 54 minutes (including Q&A)

What you'll learn:

  • How to listen (A/B tests, analytics) - who you’re talking to and how they’re engaging
  • 5 things that you need to pay attention to
  • Common mistakes
  • How to make adjustments, when to fix outright vs testing iterations
  • Information architecture - why it’s important and how to structure

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Our Expert Speakers:

Krystle Christensen

Krystle Christensen
Creative Director
Digital River

Krystle is known for drawing on her deep creative knowledge to push the boundaries of ecommerce design and development. At Digital River she applies the learnings of over 10 years of digital design and user-experience work, and personal history as a savvy online shopper, to help high tech brands convert more shoppers into buyers.

Collette Carlson

Collette Carlson
Senior Manager, Site Optimization
Digital River

In her nine years at Digital River, Collette has partnered with clients utilizing results-driven testing methodologies to increase conversion rates, revenue and other KPIs. Collette’s competitive spirit lends itself well to using continual testing to find the best approach to optimize site performance – she’s always seeking a win for her clients.