The physical and digital worlds have begun to blend in a way few ever envisioned. Like never before, all businesses, regardless of size, must adapt quickly to sell and engage in new ways online. The human experience is now officially a digital experience for every generation, but for Generation Z, the most Internet-dependent generation in history, the shift has been less extreme. Technology, brands, and Gen Z are all inextricably linked, creating opportunities and challenges for today’s brands.

Hear Jason Dorsey, the leading Millennial and Gen Z researcher and president with the Center for Generational Kinetics, and Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO at WP Engine, reveal the results of WP Engine's brand new study on Gen Z and how Gen Z is influencing marketing and the buying habits of every generation.

Duration: 1 hour (including Q&A)

In this session, Jason and Mary Ellen will discuss:

  • What makes Gen Z unique from Boomers, Gen X and Millennials and what that means for brands.
  • The vital role digital experiences play in their lives and what they expect from them.
  • What defines the identity of Gen Z and their influence on the world.
  • Why studying Gen Z matters.
  • How traditional marketing has failed to meet their needs, and what is meaningful to them.

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Our Expert Speakers:

Jason Dorsey 12-18-sq

Jason Dorsey

President and Co-Founder

The Center for Generational Kinetics 



Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Dugan


WP Engine