As developers, we spend much of our lives in the mundane. What if you could make your work more efficient, saving time so you can work on more fun, interesting projects?

In this example-driven webinar, learn how WP-CLI can help you do just that!

Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced 

Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes (including Q&A)

What you'll learn:

  • What WP-CLI is
  • Top use cases for WP-CLI
  • Top WP Engine support issues that are now self-serve as a result of this introduction
  • Productivity tips for WP-CLI
  • How to get started

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Our Expert Speakers:


Jose De La Rosa
Level 2 Customer Support, Sr.
WP Engine

Jose enjoys technical topics as they relate to releasing quality software. He serves as the Git Subject Matter Expert for WP Engine and enjoys helping our customers solve technical issues through the use of SSH Gateway.

Scott Amerman.jpg

Scott Amerman
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
WP Engine

Scott enjoys product marketing because it combines two of his favorite things, building cool stuff and telling compelling stories. He likes taking the technical and making it approachable for everyone.