One of Launch Digital Marketing’s clients had a problem. A popular “race car experience” client, with heavy seasonal business and a graphic/media-heavy website was experiencing big performance problems whenever a surge of traffic came their way. Instead of making extra money when popular campaigns were launched, they were losing money, fast.

Determined to solve the performance issues and avoid downtime at the next big seasonal holiday (Black Friday, 2017), the LDM team focused on The Xtreme Xperience (and 9 other websites), testing performance optimizations and partnering with Google and WP Engine to track and tweak the results. Knowing that a performant website yields improved user experience and, in turn, higher conversion rates - and armed with data about increasingly mobile Xtreme Xperience audience - LDM, WP Engine and Google focused on reducing load times while maintaining a rich mobile experience.  

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Duration: 1 hour, 7 minutes (including Q&A)

In this session, you’ll hear from Google, agency Launch Digital Marketing (LDM), and customer Xtreme Xperience who will share:

  • The importance of site performance, particularly in a mobile-first world (Google)
  • Why performance is important as a web development team and to agency clients (Launch Digital Marketing)
    • Steps LDM took to improve client performance and scalability
    • Challenges and best practices for optimizing sites
  • Business results from site optimization (Xtreme Xperience)

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Our Expert Speakers:

Claire_Illmer_Google.pngClaire Illmer

Mobile UX Manager

Claire has been at Google for almost 5 years, loves reading about behavioral psychology, and used to water ski competitively. 


caitlin_2017.pngCaitlin DiMare-Oliver
Chief Technical Officer
Launch Digital Marketing

Caitlin has been developing websites for nearly 15 years, with 10 years dedicated almost exclusively to WordPress theme development. Known best for trolling her husband with to win a fight over a Nintendo Switch, she loves WordPress almost as much as her family (don’t tell them).

Mitch_XXspeed.jpgMitch Gummerson
Brand Manager
Xtreme Xperience
Insta: @mitchjames

Mitch has been the creative vision behind the Xtreme Xperience brand since the company's early days of inception, crafting the brand and digital presence for nearly 5 years. Best known by every single customer at events as “Mitch at Xtreme Xperience,” he’s dedicated to creating brands that you can be excited about.