Companies spend exponentially more on driving traffic to their websites than on converting that traffic into leads or sales. Doesn’t that seem backwards?

In this session, we go over tried -and-true techniques that you can implement immediately to help you maximize conversions on your site by exploring solutions in the following areas:

  • Behavioral analysis
  • Design
  • Messaging
  • Neuroscientific principles

Duration: 1 hour (includes lively Q&A)

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Techniques you can use to increase conversion rates on your site
  • How to map a persona to a problem and then to a solution
  • How to look at conversion optimization holistically (hint: it’s not just about a/b testing colors!)

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Our Expert Speaker:

Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat

Tom Shapiro

Tom Shapiro is CEO of Stratabeat, a branding, web design, and marketing agency. Shapiro’s thoughts have been published widely, including Chief Marketer,,, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and National Center for the Middle Market. Shapiro’s book, “Rethink Your Marketing,” was published in 2017.