With the rise of voice technology, the obvious next step is how businesses will use voice to extend reach, accessibility and as a channel for additional inputs and outputs.

In this webinar, Amazon and WP Engine talk about voice technologies, trends, use cases and future business implications to help you prepare for incorporating voice into your future strategies.

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate 

Duration: 45 minutes (including Q&A)

Join Amazon and WP Engine in this thought-provoking webinar to learn about:

  • What is speech synthesis technology?
  • Voice technology trends 
  • Business-related implications for voice technologies
  • WordPress and voice

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Our Expert Speakers:


Rafal Kuklinski
Director, Text-to-Speech

Rafal Kuklinski leads  the Text-to-Speech technology team and is Managing Director of the Amazon Development Center in Poland. Rafal has been with Amazon for 6 years working on speech synthesis systems that power a wide range of Amazon products and services, including Amazon Fire tablets, Kindle Readers, Amazon Alexa and an AWS TTS service Amazon Polly. He works on application of Deep Learning and signal processing techniques for prosody modeling of Speech Synthesis and Natural Language Processing. 

Word, Steven_Bio.jpg

Steven Word
Innovation Program Manager
WP Engine

Steven Word is the Innovation Program Manager at WP Engine, where he evaluates, recommends, and architects solutions for customers and partners related to WordPress technology. A WordPress veteran of 10 years and Core Contributor, he is passionate about providing technical and strategic guidance to content creators, developers, and product teams.